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August 18, 2008


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Hahaha ,has it been twenty years already???
I´m glad you bought Risaeðlan. Fantastic group and Runk always reminded me a little of them, I´m not sure what they are up to now, except Magga Stína now works at the city library and does some music, last time with her brother Sölvi Blöndal from Quarahsi, and Magga Örnólfs writes soundtracks...I think. Nýdönsk is still playing, and Daniel the singer is doing a music protject called Esja with Krummi from Mínus,
Greifarnir had a brief comback last year, but the singer Felix had a long and successful stint as a children show host in a show called Felix and Gunni.
He´s also the cohost in a music quis show called popppunktur, with dr.Gunni, who I´m sure you´ve heard of,(different Gunni though....)
Síðan skein sól was still playing last time I knew...Am a bit embarrased about that part, And very happy that Risaeðlan and Sykurmolarnir took a bigger part of the tape!!!But Í did like them then, and they were very popular...
Did you listen to it again?? Do tell!


Well, there's one interesting tidbid that Hildur left out; Daníel Ágúst Haraldsson was an integral part of GusGus for years. He only recently rejoined Nýdönsk.

Nýdönsk were playing live on Rás 2 (national radio 2) a few weeks back. The radio host asked them whether there had previously been any animosity between Daníel and the rest of the band which had caused him to leave the band, to which Björn Jörundur Friðbjörnsson replied: "There were no grounds for collaboration while Daníel lived abroad. Daníel simply had some maturing to do and he chose to do so by dabbling with electronic synthesizers in various discos around the globe."

Björn, besides being a master in the dark art of sarcasm, is also a rather gifted actor. His best known performance was in a movie titled Englar alheimsins (e. Angels of the Universe) which I rate as one of the best Icelandic movies of all time.


Not to mention his performance in the wonderful Sódóma Reykjavík, which I remember talking you into buying and you being very evasive when asked about it later!


Toti, Risaedlan's drummer, is now in Dyrdin.

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