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August 21, 2008


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May I just say well done Iceland on the silver medal in the Handball. Not Gold, but my God, they nearly gave us one of the great Olympic underdog stories. Heads up lads, YOU WERE MARVELLOUS!

Haukur SM

hey, did I ever tell you that one of the Patrick Watson dudes (Simon, on guitar) got a shiny R! (for Reykjavík!) tattoo when we visited him in Montréal last year.

that was way cool.


Haukur's raised the bar in terms of fantastic Airwaves related stories - Come on Iceblah, this year you've got to report on stuff like that! -

Sorry, but I have got ask this Question - Haukur, where on his body did he have the tattoo?


I'll report alright, but I will not be getting a tattoo. I wear a R! badge, and that will have to do. But if anybody wants an iceblah tattoo I'll gladly pay the cost. And take the photo...

Haukur SM

The boy got it on his forearm, like some of the band's members.

Speaking of fantastic Airwaves stories, a group of journalists from publications such as rolling stone and spin that were working on the Grapevine Airwaves dailies all got "Blaðamaður" tattoos here, after losing a hot dog eating contest.

Blaðamaður means journalist, knaaahmean?


So, what's Icelandic for blogger?

Mate, I see a tattoo and some pylsas in your future...


just bloggari, sorry...

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