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December 02, 2011


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My top 5 of 2011
1. Hellvar "Stop that noise" (Kimi Records)
2. HAM "Svik, Harmur og Dauði" (Smekkleysa)
3. Reykjavik! "Locust Sounds" (Kimi Records)
4. Vicky "Cast a light"
5. Ruddinn "Need a vacation"


My Top 5:
1. Björk: Biophilia
2. Sóley: We Sink
3. Snorri Helgason: Winter Sun
4. FM Belfast: Don't Want To Sleep
5. Lay Low: Brostinn Strengur


Ben Goddard

1. Sóley: We Sink
2. FM Belfast: Don't want to sleep
3. Samaris: Hljóma Þú EP
4. Sin Fang: Summer echoes
5. Bjork: Biophillia


Pall Olafsson

Go Iceland...


1. Sin Fang - "Summer Echoes"
2. Sóley - "We Sink"
3. Lockerbie - "Ólgusjór"
4. Björk - "Biophilia"
5. FM Belfast - "Don`t want to sleep"


1. GusGus - Arabian Horse
2. Sóley - We Sink
3. Björk - Biophilia
4. Lockerbie - Ólgusjór
5. Of Monsters and Men - My Head Is an Animal


1. Sin Fang - "Summer Echoes"
2. Snorri Helgason - "Winter Sun"
3. Ólafur Arnald’s - “Living Room Songs” 
4. Lockerbie - "Ólgusjór"

can't quite decide on fifth place...


I am a day late, but hope this vote still counts!

1. For A Minor Reflection, EP
2. Sóley, We Sink
3. Helgi Jonsson, Big Spring
4. Of Monsters And Men, My Head Is An Animal
5. Vigri, Pink Boats

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